Unit 5.1 System components and Design

Expected Study Load : 9 hours.


The idea of this sub-unit is to provide an overview of the elements that make up urban drainage and sewer system components. The main stages in the design process, design consideration and data requirements are described. Initial system layouts of urban drainage systems are also discussed.  Methods and procedures for the hydraulic design of urban drainage systems will be discussed in the subsequent sub-units.

Learning Objectives:

This lecture will provide an understanding of the basic principles and knowledge on urban drainage system components and design. Upon successful completion of this lecture, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the factors affecting drainage system layouts
  • Components of urban drainage systems
  • Fundamental stages of urban drainage system design procedures
  • Preliminary design considerations
  • Data requirements for designing urban drainage systems
  • System layout of urban drainage systems
  • Rainfall analysis and runoff computation methods for urban drainage system network designs

Things to Do:

  •  Download and study the PDF document entitled “System components and Design - part 1".
  •  Watch the audio-lecture entitled "System components and Design - part 1” which will be uploaded to eCampus on next Monday.
  • Submit assignment #8 which will also be uploaded on next Monday.

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