Useful websites for ecosan students, practitioners and other fans

There is a LOT of info on the web on sustainable sanitation. As the field of ecosan is relatively new (or maybe I should say: many engineers are relatively new to the field of ecosan), and as in many regions it is not easy to find an example project around the corner, virtual sharing of information is an ideal way of expanding your horizon. To help you find your way around, I here list a few of the major ones, where I too collect and share knowledge, experience and new ideas.

And also some blogs and newsletters; very practical to keep the overview!

GTZ Photos

Ecosan photos GTZ collection

In this collection you find photos for everything related to sustainable sanitation. People submit their pictures, and GTZ uploads them. very useful to get ideas, and to look for pictures for presentations et cetera.

GTZ Sets

Ecosan photo sets of different projects and events

Similar to the Ecosan photos GTZ collection, but now with several photos per topic, project or event.


Discussion forum for sustainable / ecological sanitation

This website cannot be missed while studying the field of ecosan. The people who contribute to this platform are all involved in projects, research and capacity building in the field of sustainable sanitation. They have different experiences and also different views, which makes it very interesting. You need to create a yahoo account to log in, but then you have access to all older posts and documents. Essential if you want to keep track of all the developments and discussions. Please note though: the discussion is also continued on the discussion forum of SuSanA.

SuSana Forum
Discussion forum of SuSanA

A relatively new platform, integrated into the SuSanA information platform. It is useful that the topics are organised, so you can easily find earlier discussions on a specific topic. It is likely that this platform will in time replace the ecosanres platform. You need to create a login.

Sustainable Sanitation Alliance

The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance is a loose network of more than 134 partners: multi- and bilateral organisations, NGOs, private companies, governmental and research institutions. SuSanA aims to contribute to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) by promoting sustainable sanitation systems.

GTZ Project Sheets

GTZ Sustainable Sanitation Ecosan: project sheets

GTZ has made an effort to collect a substantial amount of information on projects worldwide. Not only to learn from works but also from what does not work.
If you are to create a project of yourself, or maybe already have done so, be sure to submit it as a fact sheet, so that others can learn from you too.


SSWM Toolbox

The SSWM Toolbox is a very practical website where all aspects of the water cycle are discussed. Each topic has its own page, with explanations, examples and a couple of downloadable powerpoint slides. All free of use granted you refer to the source appropriately.



Sandec is the Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries at EAWAG. Sandec carries out (action) research all over the world, and is well known for its fantastic publications, many of which you will find back as the source material for this course.

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