The politics of climate change in Mozambique [Video 04:08]

In March 2019, Mozambique's fourth largest city, Beira, was destroyed by cyclone Idai. Extreme events like this one are increasingly seen as a consequence of climate change. These extreme events and disasters are not simply "natural": human activities contribute both to cause them and to exacerbate their consequences. For instance, poor and vulnerable people are the most affected by extreme whether events.

By looking at the case study of Mozambique, you will learn to illustrate how climate change implications for water are entangled with social and political issues such as vulnerability or equity.

Watch this video on climate change in Mozambique, paying particular attention to the social, political and technological factors that exacerbates climate change implications for the different people interviewed, as well as to their adaptation strategies.


(Video credits: The Nordik African Institute, Upsala, Sweden) 

Last modified: Tuesday, 21 May 2019, 12:42 PM