Example of a call for action: reducing domestic water consumption in Cape Town [Article]

To inspire the preparation of your call for action, we invite you to explore the mechanisms that were put in place in Cape Town in 2018 to reduce domestic water uses in order to cope with the consequences of the drought.

Read the following article illustrating how local administrators worked with researchers at the University of Cape Town to test strategies to nudge domestic users into reducing their water use, and the outcomes of their work: it is an interesting example of how knowledge can be applied to cope with climate change implications for water resources and uses. The authors also list several actions that can be implemented to promote beahvioural change.

L. Harris, J. Zaho, M. Visser, Nudging the city and residents of Cape Town to save water, The Conversation, March 4, 2018.

If you wish to learn more about the theories and behavioural models behind that experience, you can also read the following scientific paper:

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