Unit 3: Overview of technologies

Expected Study Load : 8 hours.


In this Unit, we will discuss several issues. Part A focuses on groundwater pollution related to on-site sanitation and on blockages in urine diverting systems. Part B and C discuss an overview of technologies and waterless urinals, respectively.

In a separate file, to keep the size restricted, you will find part D, E and F. In these parts, you will first see an overview of different systems. Then, the UDD and UD systems will be discussed in more detail (urine diverting dehydrating vs urine diverting systems). And finally, several issues on waterless urinals will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • To have an idea of which user interfaces can be applied within the ecosan concept
  • To understand that all toilets consist of a user interface and a receiving unit
  • To know the difference between UD (urine diverting) and UDD (urine diverting dehydrating) systems
  • To be aware of the potential for groundwater pollution from on-site sanitation
  • To know about the two types of urine blockages in urine pipes from waterless urinals or toilets
  • To be able to explain why the term “ecosan toilet” can be misleading and should be avoided
  • To have an appreciation of the wide range of available processes for treating different waste streams
  • To have seen photos of many different examples for UDD toilets from around the world
  • To know of options to implement some aspects of ecosan at one's workplace

Things to read:

  • C1U3_Lecture_Presentation
  • C1U3_Assigned_Reading

Places to Go:

Recommended reading sources on Internet Female Urinal


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