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Completion requirements
The first thing to do is to divide your course into topics, the main chapters of your course. Each topic should have at least one activity for students to carry out in a specific period of time, minimum 1 week. It doesn't have to be necessarily 1 topic per week, since that can lead to a high pace, difficult for your students to follow. Topics with 2-3 weeks are also possible allowing you to provide a more flexible experience and spend more time on a subject, although intermediate tasks are recommended.

Second, based on the educational concept of constructive alignment, define the assessment and didactical strategies to meet the learning objectives of each topic.

After doing this for all topics you'll get a more comprehensive 
overview of your course (like a story) that will help you identify what you need to reuse or produce regarding educational resources. 

In this learning activity, each of you will design a course by dividing it into topics, defining main learning goals, assessment, activities and resources. A template is available to help you structure and align this information.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • Design an online (or blended) course.

  1. Download the course design template. Feel free to adapt the layout and add more pages if necessary.
  2. Using the template, divide your course into topics and spread it over time (in weeks).
  3. Define the main learning objectives of the topics and how they will be assessed.
  4. Plan learning activities to reach the learning objectives.
  5. Identify what educational resources will be needed (what already exists and/or what needs to be produced)
  6. When finished, share your course design in the Forum, explore and comment on at least one other course design.
  7. Don't forget to answer any question or comment on your own post to justify your options and/or incorporate the feedback received.


Your course design shared on the forum during Week-3 of the course.

Questions about the activity?
If you have any question about the course design process please post it in the activity 3 Forum.

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