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Completion requirements
Now that you have a course design you're able to estimate how much time will be needed to develop the course content and build your online course. As we discussed in the previous weeks of this course, media production is what usually takes more time to produce. And as we saw in the readiness inventory exercise on week 1, it will take you less time if you already have your course content in a digital format, even though it might need to be adapted to a more suitable format for your online students.

In the example on this topic, you will find an indication of the number of hours spent, on average, to build different types of course components, such as assignments, quizzes/exercises, knowledge clips (videos), but also the time spent finding openly licensed content and implementing everything in the eLearning platform.

In this learning activity, you will draw a plan that takes into account your course design and the time needed to effectively build your course, starting your plan by setting a course start date. The course should be ready one month before the start date so that you have time to test everything and fine-tune if necessary.

A template is available to help you plan the development of your course.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • Plan the development and implementation of your online course.

  1. Explore the "Time input for course development - Example".
  2. Download the planning template (spreadsheet). Feel free to adapt the table to your own needs by adding more columns/lines.
  3. Using the template, insert the components from your course design that require production. For example building assignments, videos, quizzes, etc. Estimate how much time it will take to produce these components, based on the example given (and your own experience).
  4. Indicate in the weekly calendar when each component could be produced. In the example given in the template, I considered that the course developer had 3 days per week to work on the production of the course. Please fill this part according to your own situation.
  5. In the end, submit your work at "Activity 4 project plan submission".

  • Time input for course development - Example
  • Project plan template
  • eLearning implementation toolkit infographic (optional resource)

Your project plan submitted during Week-4 of the course. 

Questions about the activity?
If you have any question please post it in the activity 4 Forum.

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