This course consists of 2 units. In this course we will discuss the details of agricultural benefits of using sanitised urine, faeces and greywater. We will start with some slides on global hunger issues, to show how important it is to use any resources available for food production wisely. The guidelines are discussed on how to reuse safely, how often you can apply it, and on which types of soils and plants.

Aims of the Course:

After completing this unit, you will:

  • Know what the link is exactly between the products of ecological sanitation systems, fertiliser capacity and food production
  • Have a better idea how much hunger there still is in the world, and where this is a major problem
  • Know the difference between a fertiliser and a soil conditioner
  • Have an overview of trials carried out globally in the field of using ecosan products in the agricultural field

Build-up of the course:

C3U1: Introduction into productive sanitation systems
  • Part A: Overview on hunger, food and fertiliser
  • Part B: Fertiliser and soil fertility basics
C3U2:Urban Agriculture and Fertiliser Trials

Interesting links:

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