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The content of the online course consists of 18 subjects spread over 18 different chapters following the same format than the text book of the same name ("Biological Wastewater Treatment: Principles, Modeling and Design"). The assessment of the course is done through a combination of the 17 periodic assignments.
To successfully complete the course, all the assignments must be submitted and their relative average mark must be higher or at least equal to 5.0 (5.0/10.0). Thus, the participant will be awarded a certificate of participation.
If, in addition, the participant is interested in obtaining the 6 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) that the online course can award, then he/she can opt to present a final oral examination (online examination held at the end of the course).
Thus, the final mark of the course (100%) will be conformed by the marks obtained in the course assignments (40%) and the final examination (60%) as follows:

Assessment type Relative score
17 assignments 40%
Final oral examination (optional) 60%

- The mark in the final oral examination is at least 6.0 (6.0/10.0)
- The TOTAL FINAL SCORE (composed of the average mark of weekly assignments and final exam as described in the previous table) is at least 60%.
THEN, 6 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) will be granted to the participant.
NEVERTHELESS, if the participant fails to obtain a minimum mark of 6.0 in the final oral examination or the total final score is lower than 60%, he/she will be entitled to receive a certificate of participation (if the average mark in the 17 periodic assignments is higher than 5.0).
As described previously, the final oral examination is optional for those participants interested in obtaining the 6 ECTS. It is based on (a) diverse questions related to the understanding of the participant for the resolution of the assignments and (b) practical-oriented questions on wastewater treatment technologies aligned with the learning objectives of the course.
For the execution of the final examination the requirements are:
1) It is an oral examination with an average length of 30 min and held via Skype with the help of a webcam. Due to the differences in time zones and regular job activities, the final exam is set at the most suitable date and time for both student and the online course coordinator.
2) It comprises 5 to 6 randomly chosen questions from the 17 submitted assignments.
3) In addition to the precision of the answers, the attitude and honesty of the participants are assessed by confirming that there is not any suspicious behavior (such as opening a book, talking to someone, or showing an attitude that indicates that certain material is being read or look up in the computer or in a book).
4) Most of the questions are similar to those from the weekly assignments (and therefore aligned to the learning objectives), while 1 or 2 are slightly different but still aligned with the learning objectives.
5) Once the oral exam finishes, each answer provided by the participant is reviewed, explaining whether they were correct or not and confirming the correct answers
6) In the end, the mark of the exam is defined and thereby the FINAL SCORE and outcome of the course.
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