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Chapter 1 : Wastewater treatment development


In the past decade, the development of sanitation was voted to be the greatest medical advance in the last 166 years, confirming the utterly important role of proper sanitation in achieving and maintaining good public health. In many industrialized countries, wastewater is transported safely away from the households and leading-edge sewage treatment processess and sludge handling technologies are applied. Proper sewage treatment is however not always in place, in particular in many developing countries where sanitation coverage is, by far, lesser when compared to water supply.

This chapter underlines the prime aim and importance of wastewater treatment and presents a brief overview of the development of wastewater treatment technologies.

This course consists of 1 video lecture recorded by Prof. Damir Brdjanovic from UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education. Delft, The Netherlands.

Time Framework for the Chapter: 1 week

Aims of the Course

  • To underline the fundamental aim of sanitation and wastewater treatment.
  • To present a brief overview of the development of wastewater treatment technologies in history and the main drivers influencing their development.

Learning objectives

After the successful completion of this chapter the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the prime objective of wastewater treatment and sanitation and critically discuss the main drivers influencing the development of wastewater treatment technologies in their home country or country of residence.

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