Tutorial: Identify Irrigated and rainfed area from WaPOR datasets in QGIS

Aim: In this tutorial you will compute how much area is under irrigated and rainfed agriculture (in Hectares) in study area in the year 2019?

Data & software:  

  • Using remote sensing data from WaPOR - Level 2 Land cover classification (LCC) at 100m spatial resolution
  • QGIS software

Steps: Watch below video to see how to compute surface area of irrigated and rainfed agriculture for the year 2018.



Your Tasks:

  1. Watch above video and repeat the steps for the year 2019
  2. Find Irrigated and Rainfed area in Hectares for the year 2019
  3. Submit the Irrigated and Rainfed area in Hectares for the year 2019 

Last modified: Tuesday, 13 April 2021, 9:07 PM