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Water Energy Food (WEF) Master Class for Southern Africa

Resource management and regional policies; WEF Nexus assessments; Networking and mentoring

Workroom for e-Team - MOOC on Freshwater - Part 1 Fundamentals

Ecosystem Vitality Ecosystem Services Governance and Stakeholders

CB4WA: Google Earth Engine (FR)

Ce cours vous présentera Google Earth Engine (GEE). Google Earth Engine est une plateforme basée s...

CB4WA: Google Earth Engine (EN)

This course will introduce you to Google Earth Engine (GEE). Google Earth Engine is a cloud-based pl...

FAO CB4WA: Basics of Water Accounting Plus (WA+)

The course aims to explain the Water Accounting Plus (WA+) approach and teach participants how to us...

FAO CB4WA: Python pour les applications hydrologiques géospatiales

Dans ce cours d'introduction, vous apprendrez une compétence essentielle pour les chercheurs traita...

FAO CB4WA: Python for Geospatial Hydrological Applications

In this introductory course, you'll learn an essential skill for researchers dealing with (spatial) ...

WaterPIP ToT2 – FAO WaPOR for Water Productivity - Part 1

ToT2 – FAO WaPOR for Water Productivity - Part 1

ToT1 – Spatial analysis for agricultural applications using open source tools

WaterPIP ToT1 – Spatial analysis for agricultural applications using open source tools

Monitoring water productivity using remote sensing for efficient water management

Iraq OKP project - Training on Monitoring Water Productivity Using Remote Sensing for Efficient Wate...

COURSE: Science Communication for Water Cooperation and Diplomacy 2021

Start: 02 March 2021 - Science Communication, Media, Water Diplomacy

FAO CB4WA: Utilisation du portail FAO WaPOR

Portail FAO WaPOR, comptabilité de l'eau

FAO CB4WA: Use of FAO WaPOR Portal

FAO WaPOR portal, water accounting

FAO CB4WA: Télédétection pour la gestion des ressources en eau

Télédétection, SIG, productivité de l'eau

FAO CB4WA: Fondamentaux des débit environnementaux

Science des débit environnementaux, méthodologies et mise en œuvre

FAO CB4WA: Gestion et gouvernance de l'eau

Gestion de l'eau, gouvernance de l'eau, genre et inclusion

FAO CB4WA: Water Management and Governance

Water management, water governance, gender and inclusion

Modélisation du trait de côte avec ShorelineS

Coastline modeling, Erosion management, Senegal

River Basin Development online seminars

These online seminars are organised on behalf of the River Basin Development chair group, within t...

FAO CB4WA: QGIS for Hydrological Applications

GIS, QGIS, hydrological applications, cartography