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MOOC: Comptabilité et audit de l'eau

Comptabilité de l'eau, Comptabilité rapide de l'eau, Comptabilité de l'eau Plus, Audit de l'eau e...

MOOC: Water Accounting and Auditing

Water accounting, Rapid water accounting, Water accounting plus, Water auditing and governance analy...

Self-paced: Advanced Topics in Freshwater Health

Ecosystem Vitality, Ecosystem Services, Governance and Stakeholders                ...

Self-paced: Fundamentals of Freshwater Health

Freshwater Vitality, Ecosystem Services, Governance and Stakeholders                     ...

Performance Based Contracting

Training on Performance Based Contracting

Introduction to Modflow and Model Use

This course provides basic knowledge about MODFLOW and Model Muse, which can be used to develop, run...

Irrigation Management and Development OCW

Irrigation, agriculture, development

Understanding climate change basics

Adaptation; Mitigation; Physical sciences; Climate action

Delta Planning and Management

Delta planning, delta management, vulnerability, protection

Experimental methods in wastewater treatment {eBook}

Urban water sanitation, environmental protection

AfriAlliance MOOC on Social Innovation in Water and Climate Change in Africa

Start: 02 June 2020 AA-MOOC#2, Water&Climate Change, Social Innovation

AfriAlliance MOOC on Water and Climate Change in Africa

Aims to increase awareness on climate change implications for water resources and uses in Africa.

Water Transport and Distribution - MOOC

Start: 4 March 2021 - WTD design, operation and maintenance

Faecal Sludge Management

This course is an open course version of the Online Course on Faecal Sludge Managem...

Data Sharing for Water Sector Organisations using Spatial Data Infrastructures

Integrated Water Resources Management requires exchange of data and information among sectors. Often...

E-learning: Preparing for Extreme & Rare Events in CoastaL Regions - PEARL

This e-learning module aims to contribute to capacity building of professionals involved in ...

Industrial Resource Management and Cleaner Production

This OpenCourseWare is directed to chemical and environmental engineers and scientists...

Biological Wastewater Treatment: Principles, Modelling and Design

Over the past twenty years, the knowledge and understanding of wastewater treatment has ad...

Faecal Sludge Management (the eBook)

This set gives an overview of the activities and involvement of IHE DELFT in the field of ...

Spate Irrigation Systems

The Spate Irrigation Network, with support from UNW-DPC and in cooperation with IHE DELFT,...

Introduction to Delft3D modeling

Open course on Delft3D Modeling Please follow the instructions sent by Mick van der Wegen to enro...

QGIS for FRM 2021-2023

QGIS for Hydrological Applications

Klimaatbestendig handelen voor én door professionals

Klimaatbestendig handelen voor én door professionals